Au Pied de Cochon Sugar Shack

2020 Harvest season 
The concept is simple, a fixed menu to share with the members of your group, inspired by our seasonal harvests. You can expect freshness, taste and variety. The 2020 harvest season runs from Thursday September 10th to Sunday November 1st. The seasonal menu is $ 66.00 per adult, free for children 0 to 3 years old, then $ 24.00 for 4 to 12 years olds. These prices do not include reservation fees, service charges, and taxes.
We will post the menu when it is final. 
Services hours
Thursday 6:30/7:00PM
Friday 5:30/6:00PM and 8:00/8:30PM
Saturday 11:00/11:30PM, 1:30/2:00PM, 5:30/6:00PM and 8:00/8:30PM
Sunday 1:00/11:30PM, 1:30/2:00PM and 5:30/6:00PM

2021 Sugar Season
The sugaring season runs from mid-February to mid-May.
The opening of reservations for the sugar season will take place on December 1st at 10am. Reservations are made online only.

Au Pied de Cochon Sugar Shack
11382 Rang Fresnière, Mirabel, QC J7N 2R9

You will not be sharing your meals with any other group. Wearing a mask is mandatory to move around our establishment, once at your table, and you can remove it. Au Pied de Cochon sugar shack has government regulations and everyone's health at heart. We ask for your full cooperation and good judgment in order to respect the environment and the people in it.
Please note that for the sake of reducing our ecological footprint, we no longer distribute aluminum dishes to bring back your leftovers, if there are any leftovers! We invite you to provide reusable dishes if the meal causes leftovers that you want to bring home. If we forget, we will have compostable containers for sale.